she put up a video of her telling miyah that she thinks she’s very pretty without the wig too and that playing dress up if fun but to promise to stay in school

Love this!

Stories you won’t see in the media

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Black Venus Project by Maxim Vakhovskiy

Vakhovskiy is a portrait photographer living in Charlotte, North Carolina. His work is mainly dedicated to celebrating the beauty of black women.

Check the comments section of this Clutch Magazine article for more commentary on this project - from both women who modelled for Vhakovsky, and those who question the politics of a photo project like this. See more from the photographer at the links below.


I need this book. Has the second printing been released yet? So happy the first edition sold out, but I need my copy.

forever reblog.

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It’s almost like racist white people who use this site are more likely to kill other people… I wonder what the connection could be, surely not racist white people being allowed to get away with running a obviously racist site

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Dudes were really lying in wait for months waiting for curvellas and ol’ boy to break up just to have jokes. how sad do you have to be to keep tabs on someone you don’t like for months just in hopes of being able to say mean spirited shit to them months later?

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y’all i’m seriously over here close to tears cus black girls are fine as fuck killin the game outchea, like yo…Y’ALL ARE GORGEOUS, SEXY AS SHIT like breh who let y’all be so necessarily fine????? seriously, i’m gahtdamn mad

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Nykhor Paul photographed by Petrovsky & Ramone, for Volkskrant Magazine’s Spring/Summer 2014 issue.

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Seeing so many balding college students is so sad like why is your hairline graduating before you


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Get your life, sister

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